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the dentist and me...

Posted on 2006.07.24 at 14:25
yeah its been a while... so i went... well i had to... was having an issue.. and hell...i got insurance now so might as well use it...
so i needed an extraction or 3... actually it was 3... they cut me up good... and stiched me back together (never had that done before.
so now the healing begins... 3 extractions in one setting.... my face is still numb... and this is the numbest its ever a difference insurance makes...cause he really fucked me up good with whatever he injected into my face...i'm starting to like having insurance...


So its all about the G-fest...

Posted on 2006.07.16 at 03:41
Ok last week i went to G fest it was my first time. it was a lot of first for me. flying to a destination on my own (not with a group) and on the whole it was a rather pleasent expirence. Met a lot of nice people there and i will most definatly go again. Among the highlights of my weekend there was entering the Music Video Competition and winning it! View My g-fest entry here

Now just wait till i actually know what i'm doing when it comes to using Adobe premier and after effects oooh boy...
the first prize...well heh... its pretty cool not what i expected but then the other competitions are really at the heart of g-fest. below the cut is my prize as well as some nifty pics of the true heart of the g-fest competitions the costumes,and the modeling. i also got pics of some interesting art in the art competition. I'm going to return next year and take part in all 3 days of the fun and festivites...i may even ply my hand at the video game turni...cause i'm a bad ass when it comes to throwing down with Godzilla 90's and gigan... so bitches watch out... VE is bringing the smack down 2007! going to open a mt fuji sized can of whoop ass... wooo hoooo!
My first place prize and other pix from g-festCollapse )


The Big VE at the Big G...Fest

Posted on 2006.07.07 at 21:26
Just flew in and boy are my arms tired...

yeah yeah i know get over it first flight since i was a kid...or in speech debate...well the first time i've left the state solo and not driven... it was a nice expirence thus far...i'm in chi town for g-fest and taste of chicago. An old elementary school friend of mine who lives here is going to take me around tomorrow after the awards room is nice but cramped...the bed looks damn i'm going to jump in as soon as i'm done sniffing round the lobby, gotta get an idea of where everything is...I'm up high which i like...but my room is pointed at nothing... i wish i had my camera while we were flying...the city from 30,000 feet at night looks amazing... well off to get into trouble... i'm out...


Fun at Erotic Expo LA

Posted on 2006.06.24 at 02:31
Went this year with my friend Ebony...we had a fun time... i got some naughty chocolate...
again the lack of color was apperant...worst of all i didn't get a pic with my fav old school porn star Janet Jackme...but ebony did... she said she couldn't work the camera for that pic...but she got me and this hot number... grrr i still wanted my pic with janet...ahh well maybe next time...
i noticed one particular upcomming porn starlett who's attitude on screen transends to real life...granted i'm sure she was tired after sitting around for 5 hrs by the time we got over to them but still....she also rents herself out on Craigs in the Erotic section for 300 (acording to her add)and when i say rent i mean rent a woumb...but i'm not sayin no names... some pretty nice art this year as well...
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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
art behind tha cut...
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Its time for some monster mayhem!

Posted on 2006.06.06 at 02:14
Los Angeles you are on Notice! Giant Monsters on the Loose at the Egyptan Theater again this summer!

From June 30-July 2, plus July 5 and 6, the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood will host “Giant Monsters On the Loose”, the third annual kaiju eiga film festival from the prestigious American Cinematheque.

The 2006 lineup includes:
US premiere of MIRROR MAN: REFLEX (the new film from the director of last year’s festival hit ULTRAMAN: THE NEXT)
LA premiere of Takashi Miike’s THE GREAT YOKAI WAR
LA premiere of ULTRAMAN MAX episodes directed by Takashi Miike and Shusuke Kaneko
50th anniversary screening of GODZILLA KING OF THE MONSTERS

Presentation and preview for Classic Media’s upcoming Godzilla DVD collection.

Prizes and exclusive giveaways

GODZILLA KING OF THE MONSTERS and GODZILLA 2000 will be accompanied by discussions with guests Terry Morse Jr, Michael Schlesinger, and others who created the American versions of these movies.

Full details are now on SciFi Japan.


powered by the LBC

Posted on 2006.05.23 at 16:45
Current Location: under your bed
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"Its been a while...
since i had a payin job..."

Thats for real... but not anymore I am now offically being paid by LBUSD to work in a computer lab at a local Elementary school. Its a full time position, benifits package...(god i need the dental in ways i can't express at the moment)

so yay me! I f-ing rock... well now to get paid...and pay these f-ing bills :(


Day of Days-Show of shows

Posted on 2006.05.18 at 12:02
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Today was the DAY! LBC gave me a ring tuesday morning wanting me to come down for the second interview this morning...I met with the VP (i think) she was in my age demographic of women who find me charming...tho she was at the higher end...(45-60). It was all smiles and giggles, A very comfortable process. She told me about the job and about the school. Its year round, 7:30am-4pm fridays off. No kindergarten allowed in the lab (YESSS!). She's a mac user and i let her know in no uncertan terms i am versed in both mac and pc hardware and software and i'm skilled at trouble shooting. She lit up like a glow stick when i said that.

Its quite possible i could start in a few weeks...IF i'm selected...there are no promises that i will be chosen...its not totally up to her...the district recomended me as the #1 canidate, she will send her recomendation back to the district and they will take her recomendation under advisement when they make the i'm not out of the woods yet but i feel very very very good about the situation... i'm expecting the worst but hoping for the best!

Keep that positive enegery coming this way true believers!


Good News/Bad News

Posted on 2006.05.15 at 15:51
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Good News: I have an interview tomorow 3:30
Bad News: Its not Long Beach

I really want the job in the LBC...its exactly where i want to be working with the kiddies...the pay is awesome and its a f-ing full time position...its actually my dream job and its not dead end as most positions of this type are.

My interview is in El Monte and its in my field of work yet on the district level...Lake Elsinore left a bad taste in my mouth. While i enjoied working there and being near my cousins...its corporate structure wasn't my cup of tea and what i've been avoiding in my career i'm not going to blow the interview...cause this brotha needs a f-ing job...but damn...i don't even remember how much it pays...i applyed way way back in the begining of april.... so i guess i'll have a full list of questions to ask the interview pannel this time... good thing i hung up my clothes after the pre-lem interview with LBC...i wish they would get it in gear....takes for fuckin ever to get hired now a days...


Phase one: the hard part...

Posted on 2006.05.09 at 14:41
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from an insider in the LBC i have it on good "a-thori-ta" that my prelimanary interview went very well... infact i was selected #1 of all the canidates...
now comes the final test...the hiring interview....nothing is garrenteed a 98% chance is better than most but thats no reason to slack off. I must look sharp, smell nice, look them in the eye, speak clearly and assure them i know my shit...and that i'm the only person for the job...
keep that positive energy flowing true believers!


where is the reset button on this bitch?!?!

Posted on 2006.05.08 at 05:21
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Damnit...i'm done with this crap

stop the world i wanna get off..

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